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GRABO 90 Degree Seam Setter Miter

GRABO 90 Degree Seam Setter Miter

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Achieve Perfect Right Angles with the GRABO 90 Degree Seam Setter Miter. Effortlessly Adjust Height, Distance, and Angle with the GRABO Rail System and Thumbscrew Control.>more

GRABO's 90 Degree Seam Setter Miter: The Solution to Your Right Angle Problem

The 90 Degree Seam Setter Miter from GRABO is the answer to your right angle problem. Perfectly set your two materials together at a right angle at the perfect height level distance and angle. The GRABO tools give you so much control over the materials and with the new rail system; moving the two materials is as easy as turning a thumbscrew. Adjust the materials closer or further, and level the materials higher or lower.

GRABO 90 Degree Stone Seam Setters are professional seam setters which work on porous and non-porous surfaces for joining seams. Designed to make two workpieces to be a 90 degree angle for various material such as Granite, Stone, Marble or other similar stone material and it is widely used for kitchen island and bar counters.

  • Achieve straight seams for professional countertop installers
  • Fine-tuned adjustable knobs for precise levelling
  • Fine-tuned adjustable knobs for seam joining or opening
  • Made with long-lasting stainless steel components and tightening handles for heavy-duty stone tops
  • Attaches to all GRABO models

The product includes the 90 degree rails, two base plates, and the bag of hardware. Inside the bag of hardware, it should include:

  • Two large (8mm Allen) bolts to connect the rail to the base plates
  • 6 smaller (3/16th) bolts that connect the base plates to the GRABOs
  • And 6 washers and lock washers.
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