Must-Know Tips for Using Forklift Booms Safely

Must-Know Tips for Using Forklift Booms Safely

Booms provide forklifts with a better reach, but you must create a safe work environment for booms and your forklift operators. Creating a healthy work environment isn’t complex, and you can take steps today to ensure your company maintains a responsible and professional atmosphere. Use these must-know tips for using forklift booms safely to prevent dangerous accidents from occurring during routine work.

Only Allow Trained Personnel Onboard

Forklift certification is nothing to overlook because a forklift is dangerous in the wrong hands. In the right hands, a forklift is a powerful tool for transporting heavy materials, such as granite, around the workplace. When you buy forklift booms, you will extend their reach, but utilizing that reach responsibly requires someone with training and certification to use forklifts.

Moreover, when operating a forklift boom, the operator should be properly trained and certified in using that boom. Having trained personnel at the helm of your booms conducting careful and concise operations is one of the most important ways to create a healthy workplace.

Promote Thorough Inspections Before Use

Anyone with experience operating a forklift understands the importance of safety checks prior to use. These inspections help the operator spot maintenance issues, damaged components, and other problems that require immediate attention.

This same principle applies to attachments on the forklift; operators must ensure the boom is properly secured to the forklift before using it for routine work. These steps ensure the operators work efficiently and don’t create an unsafe environment.

Keep Booms on Stable, Level Ground

Besides inspecting the equipment, one of the best tips for using forklift booms safely is to inspect the ground they will reside on. Level ground is critical for a boom lift operator because it provides a stable place to elevate the platform and conduct work.

Unstable ground, such as an incline, will make it easier for the lift to tip over as the platform rises higher in the air. When it comes to forklifts, safety and stability go hand in hand, so implement these tips in your company to ensure both factors are present daily.

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