Stone CNC Tools: Everything You Need to Know About the Advantages and Disadvantages

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery automates and controls various manufacturing processes using pre-programmed computer software. CNC machinery uses a computer-controlled cutting tool to shape and cut raw materials like granite, marble, quartz, and other materials.

Stone CNC Tools are used to create several creative designs and perform the following tasks: routing, grinding, drilling, and milling. These machines are best for cutting natural stones and other raw materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, or foam, into precise shapes and sizes.

Overall, CNC machinery offers a more precise, efficient, and cost-effective way to manufacture products than traditional manufacturing methods.

CNC Stone Tools: What are They and How Do They Work?

Some stone CNC tools use diamond bits made by coating a substrate material with diamond particles. Diamond bits are extremely hard and can cut through even the most rigid materials. 

Every tool is balanced and has detailed data sheets with all the information needed for maintenance and operation. Different options are available for wet or dry applications. The wet tools use water to keep the temperature down, while the dry tools use air to keep them cool. Each is designed differently to last longer and have the most efficient use for the investment made.

Man-made industrial diamonds are fused into the cutting ends of the bits, blades, and other tools to offer precision cuts to promote smoother surfaces. These blades and bits can sometimes also be used on hand power tools and heavy industrial fabrication machinery. The diamonds do all the heavy labor of cutting into the stone as it cuts or grinds down the materials.

What Distinguishes CNC Stone Tooling System from Other Products?

CNC stone tools make up various accessories that are used for CNC machines. Each accessory cuts, grinds or polishes according to the hard and soft levels of the stone. They have diamond blades, electroplated bits, and synthesized diamond mills to match each stone.

Some devices like routers, blades, and grinders are all-purpose for hard and soft stone groups, while others are explicitly used for the hard or soft stone categories. It takes knowledge to understand the grade levels of each tool and match it up with the stone. Failure to match the right tool to the proper grade level of stone can cause damage to the tool and ruin the project. By using the right tool, the project will go smoothly and quickly.

Basic CNC Stone Classifications

There are seven different categories in that stone tools are placed.

  1. Engraving Router Bits: Engraving router bits typically feature a sharp, pointed tip to carve intricate designs or text into the material. They are available in various materials, including carbide, diamond, and high-speed steel. They can be used with different router machines, including handheld routers and larger industrial CNC routers. They come electroplated, polycrystalline, or in a solid carbide called Widia. These tools are designed for lettering, engraving, and marble finishing.
  2. Finger Bits: These are used for the rough cutting, shaping, and scribing in granite, marble, engineered stone, and other hard materials. Finger bits are typically used for the precision cutting of sink holes and cooktop cutouts. All large radii can be fabricated by these as well.
  3. Router Bits for Stone Carving and Relief: These tools are designed to cut through hard and dense materials, such as granite, marble, and other types of stone, with precision and accuracy. They can be used to create anything from beautiful sculptures to unique architectural pieces.
  4. Profile Wheels: These wheels are made for polishing and shaping profiles for kitchen and bathroom countertops. They come electroplated or sintered with various profiles.  Many fancy shapes are available and help make your countertop unique. Router bits some in many grits, also called positions, so they can start with a rough cut and end with the polished surface
  5. Stubbing Wheels: These wheels are made with diamonds and are used for grinding, removing rough materials, and slab calibration. These ensure the slab is the same thickness from end to end prior to profiling the edge.
  6. Drainboard Tools: These tools make drip lines or grooves in the kitchen countertops. There are circular blades that make 15mm groves and fluting bits to make smaller grooves of 10 to 12mm in diameter.
  7. Diamond Core Drill Bits: These tools make holes in the stones.  These holes can be used for plumbing fixtures, corners of sink cutouts, trash openings, or even electrical receptacles.  Holes can range from small ¼” all the way up to 6” diameter.

What Varieties of CNC Stone Tools are Available?

Different types of CNC Stone tools are available for specific projects, along with CNC trollies and tool cabinets for storage. The projects include polishing, cutting, grinding, drilling, and profiling.

  • Routers
  • Fluting Wheels and Tips
  • CNC Core Drills
  • Engraving and LED Groove Routers
  • Recess and Stubbing Wheels
  • Tool Holder Cones
  • Profile Tools
  • Suction Cups and Spares
  • Tool Forks
  • Surface Polishing Wheels
  • Adaptors
  • Saw Blades
  • Square Sink Tools

What Materials are Used to Make CNC Stone Tools?

There are four primary materials used to make CNC stone tools. These high-quality materials make them stand-alone in durability and performance.

  • Carbide: A Combination of Tungsten and Carbon: These heat-resistant tools will not rust or scratch and last longer than steel tools.
  • Carbon Steel: Affordable with high machinability, this material combines 1.6 percent manganese and 1 percent carbon making up the weight of steel alloy. It is used in low-speed machining for softer materials like brass, aluminum, and magnesium.
  • High-Speed Steel: It has the same materials as carbon steel, with tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, and cobalt included. These tools cut at a higher rate of speed for ferrous and nonferrous metals. They are made durable for higher temperatures and abrasion resistance.
  • Ceramic: These are corrosion and heat-resistant and are chemically stable. It is for high-speed cutting and finishes on cast iron, hard steel, and superalloys.
  • Man-Made Industrial Diamonds: Within the blades, there are industrial diamonds to deliver precision cutting.  Different quantities and qualities of diamond create a unique mix called a bond.

How to Select the Appropriate Tool for your CNC Machine

There are at least five things to review when selecting the proper tool for your CNC machine. Follow this checklist:

  • List the Materials You Will Be Working With: When customers specify what material they want for their countertops or floors, determine the necessary tools. The materials will be ceramic, marble, engineered stone, granite, basalt, or quartz. It takes experience and knowledge to match the right diamond edge, tool, and bond to the material.
  • Check the CNC Device You Employ: The type of job determines which kind of machine is warranted. Small routers are used for engraving, and a 5-axis milling machine or a machining center is used for kitchen tops. Different half-gas spindles and adaptors will also answer the question of which tools are used.
  • Type of Processing to be Performed: Knowing what the job entails, such as polishing, grinding, cutting, or engraving will determine which tool to use. For example, engraving, cutting, lowering, roughing, and others each call for specific tools.
  • Ensure the Right Accuracy or Level of Finishing: Analyze the level of finishing to determine the size and tool to use. High levels of finishing call for smaller tools. Medium to large jobs calls for larger CNC machines and tools. 
  • Make Your Choice Based on Quality and Speed: Every job has an estimated time for completion. Analyze the job and determine how long it will take to deliver the highest quality finish at the fastest rate possible. However, never place speed above quality work.

Deciding What Types of CNC Stone Tools to Use: We Can Help!

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