Turbo Blade: Cutting Hard Materials has Never Been Faster and Easier!

Turbo Blade: Cutting Hard Materials has Never Been Faster and Easier!

Turbo blades are highly durable and have a long service life when used and cared for properly. Quickly cut and easily shape hard materials, like granite, marble, and tile, including potentially brittle porcelain.

Whether cutting stone countertops, concrete, or small tile, Turbo blades are the ideal cutting tool. They are highly versatile and well worth the modest investment required to obtain them.

What Is There to Understand About Turbo Saw Blades?

Turbo saw blades can have high-speed rotation and work equally well in handheld or tabletop tools. They are made from high-quality steel and have sintered varieties that deliver a powerful, clean bite into whatever material you are cutting.

Robust, durable, and designed to handle heat created by friction, they can last a very long time.

Ensure that you install the Turbo saw blades correctly before cutting the material. Look for a directional arrow and mount the blade so that the rotation and arrow match. As always, read the enclosed instructions for the best use and cutting action. Proper installation also will improve the life and quality of your cut.

What Are the Varieties of Turbo Saw Blades?

Turbo saw blades can be tempered steel ranging in size from 4 inches to 14 inches in diameter. The smaller blades, 8 inch and under, can be used on hand-held saws and grinders. 9” and above are generally used on tile, masonry or bridge saws. Turbo blades are made with industrial diamonds and other highly durable materials that give them even more bite for hard stone, such as granite and marble.

What Is the Mechanism of Turbo Saw Blades?

Turbo blades work equally well in handheld grinders, wet saws, and fixed table top saws. They are capable of very high speeds and are made with a “turbo” style rim.  This is where they get the Turbo part of their name. They are the most common diamond blade style and are the workhorse of the construction and stone industries. 

What Influences Your Decision When Buying Turbo Saw Blades?

You must consider what type of stone or other hard material you are cutting. Soft stone, many types of tile, and ceramics generally cut faster than hard stone.

A standard Turbo blade should be good enough to perform your best work on relatively soft materials. Sintered blades that give you more bite can do better work on granite quartz, cutting concrete, and handling other heavy-duty cutting chores.

Important Information Regarding Turbo Saw Blades:

Turbo blades require extreme caution when using them. They are designed to rotate at very high RPMs and cut through rigid materials. Only those equipped with safety equipment, highly trained, and experienced at using them should use Turbo saw blades to cut all stone, concrete and masonry materials.

Great care must be used when operating a saw or grinder with a turbo blade. Even though the blade is designed to handle high-heat, it is possible to overheat and damage a turbo blade. The operator should look for signs of a damaged blade prior to using the blade.  This would include dark bluing on the core caused by high heat and/or cracks in the rim.  Both of these are signs of the blade being overheated and the blade should be discarded.  Using a turbo blade with either of these tell-tale signs could cause pieces of the rim to breakaway and cause serious injury. Secondly, a turbo blade should never be used on a machine that does not have a proper blade guard installed.  A deep cut could occur in a fraction of a second and require emergency medical treatment. Safety is always a top priority when using Turbo saw blades.

It is essential to use proper safety gear and ensure that the work area is free from debris or loose items that might interfere with the cutting activity.  Your safety gear should include eye protection and a face shield to prevent dust and small bits from flying into your eyes and face. Wear safety gloves and a protective apron made of leather if possible. A pair of steel-toed boots can help to protect your feet and toes against injury if any heavy material might drop onto your feet when completing a cut.

Characteristics of Turbo Saw Blades

Turbo blades generally share similar characteristics with subtle differences that enable them to do different types of cutting.

Turbo saw blades are:

  • Made of highly durable steel cores.
  • Very hard and heat resistant.
  • Thin to enable sharp and fast cuts.
  • Some are made with holes in the core that help dissipate heat.
  • Heat-resistant to prevent warping or to soften the steel.
  • Long-lasting when used and stored correctly.
  • Between 4 inches and 14  inches in diameter with varying sizes.

Many Applications or Uses of Turbo Saw Blades

Turbo saw blades can cut stone, tile, ceramic materials, concrete, brick and other hard natural and man-made materials. Turbo blades have a wide variety of applications and are the most common type of diamond blade.

Ultimately, it comes down to the types of materials you are cutting and the tools used to deliver the power to the Turbo saw blade.

Handheld grinders equipped with Turbo saw blades are ideal cutting stone. A wet saw is the best tool for cutting tile, concrete, and some types of bricks and pavers. A table saw is terrific for cutting stone pieces for walkways, patios, countertops, and other structures.

What are the Advantages of Using Turbo Saw Blades?

Turbo saw blades enable you to make exact cuts without damaging the material you are cutting. The thin Turbo blades transfer very little heat to the material you are cutting. The very high speed helps the blade bite cleanly into the material you are cutting and remove debris simultaneously.

The thin blades also help to prevent wasting material that otherwise might be eliminated by wider and slower-moving cutting disks that transfer more energy, vibration, and heat to the materials you are cutting.

How Should Turbo Blades be Cared for and Replaced?

The life of a turbo blade is directly related to the number of cuts and hardness of the material. Whenever you are done using them, you should clean and dry each one that you have used to remove any dust or debris.

If you use these blades frequently, then there is very little to be done to care for them.  We recommend you purchase high quality blades as they will give you a better overall value for your money.

If you use the blade only occasionally, then a less expensive blade would be well suited for the “weekend” craftsman.

Do Turbo Saw Blades Have a Better Alternative?

For quick hand-work, there is no better cutting tool than a well-made and adequately maintained Turbo saw blade. The portability and versatility of Turbo blades and the types of equipment that enable you to use them to make cuts in many ways make the cutting tools the best available. Much like a carpenter, you should measure twice and cut once to ensure the best results.

A skilled and experienced user of Turbo blades can cut by hand, with a miter saw, or with a table saw and get exceptional results. Turbo blades are affordable, versatile, and work well with multiple tools.

Why Are We the Best Choice for Buying Turbo Blades?

Tait Sales & Consulting has a full line of Turbo blades from the best makers in the business. We can help you select the perfect blade for your cutting tasks. We can help the occasional user of Turbo blades and industrial operations that continually cut items for commercial use.

We offer a wide variety of Turbo saw blades in different sizes that contain other materials that make them more efficient at cutting very soft or rigid materials. Our prices are competitive, and our customer support is excellent.

Need Specialized Guidance from Our Cutting Specialists About Our Saw Blades?

Our Turbo saw blade experts can help you obtain suitable cutting blades and tools to use them. With our assistance, you can make quick work of your stone-cutting needs and get great results.

We can help you to determine whether or not you need specialized cutting blades for tough materials. We can also help you ensure you get the right Turbo blades to work with your equipment, including grinders and other hand power tools.

Contact Tait Sales & Consulting today to learn more about our great Turbo blades and other stone-cutting tools. You can call or contact us online to learn more about our great Turbo blades and other stone-cutting tools and equipment.

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