Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Uses of Slab Lifters

Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Uses of Slab Lifters

If you are in an industry that works with heavyweight materials, you will understand the challenges of moving or loading stone and concrete slabs. Their weighty mass and vulnerability to damage make it difficult to transport them from one place to another. Technological advancement in construction equipment has generated a solution to resolve these disparities. Slab lifters are specialized lifting tools designed to handle the movement of heavy stone slabs, glass, porcelain, concrete panels, and similar large materials within the construction and fabrication industries. These lifts employ the use of various gripping mechanisms that provide secure grips and prevent damage. The arms are also designed to have adjustable openings to accommodate various shapes and sizes. Different lifters are manufactured to have different load capacities, depending upon the usage and purpose. Below, we have discussed the various types of lifters and how they are used in different settings. These insights will help you better clarify this novel invention's functions.  

Types of Slab Lifters    

While all slab lifters have the same purpose, they are categorized into different types based on functional and design capacities.               

Aardwolf Horizontal Stone Lifter Clamp

This category of lifts is largely used for lifting and mobilizing stone blocks and similar materials having a horizontal orientation. They are equipped with lasting and high-friction Polyurethane gripping pads that offer protection against damage. These lifts have adjustable clamps that can be readjusted according to the size of the materials. The gripping mechanism uses high-friction replaceable rubber that usually has slip-proof properties and load capacities to ensure efficient usage and control. 

Aardwolf Slab Lifters with Auto Lock

As the name implies, an auto-locking latch on a slab lift helps safeguard materials during transportation. The mechanisms offer reliable and automated locking functions that ensure the stability of the lift structure. The auto lock and unlock structure allows slabs to automatically pick up and release the stone slabs securely without any damage. These latches also have an adjustable opening width to accommodate opening width. 

Aardwolf Scissor Lifter ASL-105 Auto Lock

Scissor lifters are designed to carry and mobilize heavyweight stone slabs in vertical positions efficiently. The scissor-like design allows more control over the movement of the materials. Paired with an auto lock, these lifts are popular for efficient and more productive handling of stone slabs. The feature allows better reinforcement of safety measures while helping users conduct its usage. The most popular use of this lifter is for migrating marble and granite slabs, tombstones, concrete barriers, curbs, and median walls.

Indoor Applications of Slab Lifters

As we read above, slab lifters are largely employed in the construction and fabrication industries. However, other industries and businesses have skillfully incorporated this machinery into their systems for various purposes. Let us take a comprehensive look into how slab lifts become a part of indoor settings or processes.

Construction and Renovation Projects

Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, slab lifters can contribute to more productive and efficient outcomes.

  • Heavy slabs get transported to their desired destination speedily while minimizing the risk of damages
  • The lifter can be used to place the slabs for accurate installations precisely
  • Lifters having auto-lock mechanisms assure maximum safety of the materials by keeping them safe throughout the transportation processes
  • There is a significant saving of manual labor as the machine yields faster, better, and more accurate results
  • There is minimal to no disruption of the existing structures due to the highly efficient handling of heavy materials
  • Lifters streamline the installation process of new stone settings (such as flooring, tiles, etc.) 

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

There can be significant improvements in the movement and whereabouts of materials in the following ways.

  • Incoming or outgoing shipments can be loaded or unloaded with ease and minimal labor requirement 
  • Slabs can be rearranged to accommodate any changes in the storage space with the help of these lifters
  • The repositioning of slabs for storage becomes easier with the help of these lifters
  • Primary safety features of the lifters prevent breakage or harm to the products, making them an ideal tool for moving around various goods 
  • In storage where there is a need for ordered categorizations, slab lifts can seamlessly carry out item assortment processes  
  • Due to their heavy load capacity, the lifters are a convenient option for moving large quantities of goods, which increases work productivity 

Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

A rather unusual yet practical use of slab lifters can be seen in manufacturing units and assembly lines. They contribute to streamlining production processes and boosting work productivity. 

  • Raw materials can be unloaded and handled smoothly while keeping track of the inventory 
  • Lifters are integrated into the production lines, ensuring material delivery across all different stages of the process 
  • The adjustability of the lifter’s arms allows for greater adaptability to different types and sizes of materials. 
  • Since the lifts automate the lifting and placement of slabs, there is a noticeable increase in the production levels 
  • You can also employ the lifters to position slabs when necessary. This process ensures precise outcomes with minimal human input 

Exhibition and Event Setups

While it may seem unconventional, slab lifts can have various uses in indoor event setup processes by performing different functions.

  • The lifters can set up and position heavyweight elements, ensuring their placement offers visually aesthetic and well-balanced appeal.
  • Installation of large-scale displays becomes easier and hassle-free with the help of slab lifts, as they have heavy load capacities 
  • Materials of varying dimensions can be carried and placed with great convenience, thanks to the lifter’s adjustable arms 
  • In the particular context of exhibitions, slab lifts can also be used to dismantle or disintegrate existing setups, making it easier to wind up 
  • There is a reduced risk of damage to the exhibition displays due to the safety mechanisms of these lifts 

Outdoor Applications of Slab Lifters

Using a slab lifter transcends all interiors and finds its usage in various outdoor businesses and processes. Below are some commonly observed examples of it.

Road and Sidewalk Construction

The construction of roads is among the riskiest tasks. However, the employment of slab lifts tones down these risks by a notch and offers smooth functioning.

  • Unloading of raw materials becomes easy and risk-free
  • Large stone slabs can be placed with utmost precision to obtain good-quality results
  • The demand for manual labor to lift or transport materials gets reduced, offering better work productivity and time management 
  • The high levels of versatility in these lifts make it a good fit for handling various kinds of materials 

Landscaping and Hardscaping Projects

In addition to lifting heavy materials, slab lifts also contribute to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of landscape projects.

  • Lifters can handle the positioning of slabs for efficient pathway designing 
  • The precision in alignment of slab placement offers visually pleasing wall patterns 
  • Handling of heavy decorative items becomes stress-free, as the lifters have a large weight capacity
  • If you wish to edge your garden or backyard with stone borders, a slab lift can efficiently complete the task while fully maintaining the structure’s designer appeal

Bridge and Infrastructure Development

The use of lifters for stone slabs can be seen in various stages of bridge construction and maintenance, adding to its sustainability.

  • Installation of large structures becomes easier with the help of these lifts 
  • The removal and replacement of pre-installed structures can be done efficiently with minimal risk 
  • Safety mechanisms of the lifters guarantee maximum risk prevention 
  • There can be better alignment in the stone structure due to the precise placements 

Pool and Patio Installations

Slab lifts can contribute to the creation of stunning home exteriors by giving an edge to the construction of your pool and patio. 

  • Pool decking becomes manageable with the utilization of slab lifts 
  • Strategic placement of stone borders on the surroundings of the pool gives it a highly polished look 
  • Risk prevention during installation processes guarantees the quality preservation of the final results

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