Collection: Turbo Blades

Turbo diamond saw blades are circular saw blades...>

that are used for cutting a variety of materials, including concrete, brick, tile, and stone. They are called "turbo" because they have a special design that allows them to cut faster and more efficiently than standard diamond saw blades.
The main feature of a turbo diamond saw blade is the presence of small, diamond-coated teeth on the edge of the blade. These teeth are spaced closely together and are arranged in a specific pattern to maximize the cutting speed and efficiency of the blade. The diamonds on the teeth are typically electroplated onto the blade, which allows for a more even distribution of the diamonds and helps to improve the blade's cutting performance.
Turbo diamond saw blades are typically used in applications where a high level of precision and speed are required, such as in construction and manufacturing settings. They are also popular for use in home improvement projects and for cutting materials for artistic or decorative purposes.

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