Aardwolf Portable Gantry Crane

Aardwolf Portable Gantry Crane

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Made of aluminum, the Aardwolf Portable Gantry Crane is lightweight, portable and stable under load. No permanent installation is required. This device provides an economical lifting solution to lift materials inside the Portable Gantry Crane. This equipment can be used on construction sites as well as in factories. The Portable Gantry Crane has the ability to be adjusted in height, allowing users to use it for various purposes, such as transporting, lifting, lowering slab materials in different heavy-duty conditions. The height adjustment of the crane can be attained by using hand-wind handles supplied with the crane or by the use of a battery-powered drill.


Portable: The Gantry Crane is able to reach all corners of the plant. Attached to lifting equipment, the crane is easy to lift heavy loads.

Adjustable: The height of the Gantry Crane is adjustable up to 3.1m. This gives operators flexibility in operation.

Versatile: Thanks to its ability to be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, the Gantry Crane is easily transported or relocated, making it ideal for workflow changes.

Note: The price does not include an electric chain hoist with manual trolley. 


Maximum span 3100 122"
Working load limit 1000 2204
Net weight 154 339
Packaging dimensions 3915x580x620 154"x22.8"x24.4"

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