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Aardwolf SCC03-W White Stone Carrying Clamp (Pair)

Aardwolf SCC03-W White Stone Carrying Clamp (Pair)

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The Aardwolf Stone Carrying Clamp, used in pairs, allows you to safely lift and carry panels of granite, stone, marble, panels, plywood, and other materials. The stone carrying clamp design uses the weight of the stone to provide clamping action. Vulcanized rubber lining of the jaws prevent damage to material surface. The Granite Carrying Clamps safely lifts over 400 pounds!



  Metric (mm-kg) Imperial (inch-lb)
Grip range 0 - 50 0 - 1.96"
Working load limit 200 441
Net weight 6.6 14.6
Gross weight 7 15.4
Packaging dimensions 480x160x300 18.9"x6.3"x11.8"
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