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Aardwolf TD01 Table Dolly

Aardwolf TD01 Table Dolly

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Transform your crafting experience with our dual-function fabrication table, the ultimate game-changer for any craftsman. Whether you're cutting, grinding, or polishing pre-sized pieces, this table is designed to adapt seamlessly to your project's needs. It cleverly doubles as a sturdy work table when positioned horizontally and as an efficient slab dolly in its vertical form. The tabletop's adjustable design allows you to work at various angles, ensuring comfort and flexibility for a range of tasks. Stability is paramount, which is why this table features four adjustable leveling posts, guaranteeing a firm and steady base during intricate work. The removable center braces are added to its user-friendly design, making work on sinkhole cut-outs a breeze. This versatile fabrication table is where functionality meets convenience, transforming your workspace into a haven of efficiency.


  • Removable Center Braces: Three detachable braces for ease when working with sinkhole cut-outs.
  • Enhanced Stability: Equipped with four leveling posts, ensuring steady and secure operations.
  • Mobility and Floor Protection: Inflatable rubber wheels feature locking brakes, offering smooth movement and safeguarding floor surfaces.
  • Workpiece Safety: The tabletop, lined with wood, provides a protective surface to minimize damage to materials being worked on.


Working load limit 500 kg 1102 lb
Net weight 95.7 kg 211 lb
Gross weight 96 kg 212 lb
Packaging dimensions L.1900xW.960xH.150 mm 74.8"x37.8"x5.9"
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