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Aardwolf Transport Rack (8ft Long) AF2440QP

Aardwolf Transport Rack (8ft Long) AF2440QP

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The QP Frames are designed for delivering heavy sheets of glass and stone to construction sites where a strong, heavy frame is need to lift the complete load and frame together onto building sites. The fully loaded frame can easily be moved around the floors on different levels of construction sites.


  • Sturdy and safe structure, designed to eliminate any risk of slabs tipping over.
  • Load bearing surfaces are topped with rubber to prevent scratches and damage to goods being transported.
  • It contains two lifting eyes at the top frame for lifting frames on and off trucks with a crane.
  • Has four lifting points at the corner of frame base for lifting loaded frames on and off trucks and onto building sites.
  • Handles are located at the end of "A" frames.
  • Wheels with brakes to ensure safety in operation.
  • Four locking bars per frame mounted in slotted holes on the bottom.
  • Powder-coated finish ensures an aesthetic feature as well as the durability of the product.

Option: Frames can be hot galvanized finished upon request.



Width of slab storage base area on each side 323 12.7"
Working load limit

Fork End: 2000
Fork Side: 3000
Eyelet: 3000
Bow Shackles: 3000
Wheels: 2500
Stationary: 4000


Net weight 272 600
Gross weight 278 613
Packaging dimension 2450x1240x360 96.5"x48.8"x14.2"
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