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Achilli CMS Compound Miter Saw

Achilli CMS Compound Miter Saw

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Wet cut sliding compound miter saw for straight, bevel, plunge and miter cuts in all directions, great for backsplash... >moreADVANTAGES

Sliding compound miter saw for angle cutting in all directions:

  • Structure made of galvanized steel for a long lasting dependability;
  • Removable water tank made of ABS crash and consumption proof. It’s easy to clean and studied to separate the sludge from the recycling water. Built-in recycling pump included to cool the disk during cutting
  • Swiveling head assembly from ±45 to 0 degree with positive locks at ±45, ±22.5 and 0 degree.
  • Maximum Depth of cut is 105mm or 4.13"
  • Manual cutting depth adjustment by plunge mechanism.
  • Manual head tilt for inclined cuts from 90 to 45 degree
  • Also known as portable site saw, bench saw, backsplash saw
  • Side extensions tables available, sold separately


  Useful Cut   280 MM (11”)
Diamond blade diameter 250-300-350 mm (10”–12”–14”)
Blade bore size 25.4 mm (1")
Motor power 3HP 1ph (also in 1.5HP 1ph)
Motor rotation speed 2800rpm 50Hz – 3400rpm 60Hz
Standard voltage/ frequency 230V-50/60Hz (also in 115V-60/60Hz)
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