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Achilli MSA Miter Saw-Contact for Quote

Achilli MSA Miter Saw-Contact for Quote

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Increase your Production with a dedicated Miter Saw.

Professional stone saw for tilted cuts designed to work slabs "face down", it will perform perfect 45 degree cuts even on uncalibrated slabs. No width limitation of the slab to process; even the most narrow strips can be machined thanks to the special pneumatic pistons to secure the stone. The maximum cutting precision is guaranteed by the head travel on linear guides fitted with recirculating ball slides and by the position of the blade cutting from bottom upwards. >moreADVANTAGES

MSA professional miter saw for tilted cuts:

  • Steel frame with hot-dip galvanizing treatment for maximum resistance to wear and rust;
  • Worktable made of anti-scratch plastic material slats;
  • Available in two models: useful cut 3300mm or 3700mm;
  • Maximum cutting precision is guaranteed by the head travelling on linear guides fitted with recirculating ball slides automatically lubricated;
  • 10 pneumatic pistons and 3 slab stops to secure even the smallest workpieces in place during machining;
  • Pneumatic pop-up slab stops to cut thin ceramic and sintered material slabs;
  • Digital displays to visualize disc rpm, feed speed and main motor ammeter;
  • Removable plastic splash guards, along the entire worktable;
  • Precision handwheel to adjust the blade position when the cut does not start on the sharp corner.
Technical Details Specifications
X axis travel 3300 / 3700 mm
Worktable dimensions 3300/3700 x 1000 mm
Diamond blade diameter 350-400-450 mm
Blade bore size 50 mm
Min/Max stone thickness 0-80 mm (with pneumatic slab stops)
Main motor power 5,5kW = 7,5HP trifase
Main motor rotation speed 1400 rpm (50Hz) - 1700 rpm (60Hz)
Main motor rotation speed (opt.)  800 – 3400 rpm
Standard voltage/ frequency 3ph. 400V-50/60Hz  230V-60Hz
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