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Achilli SC500 Tilting Slab Cart

Achilli SC500 Tilting Slab Cart

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Hydraulically actuated, battery operated, indispensable for lifting and positioning slabs around your shop and onto the worktable of your machines. Equipped with a rechargeable battery. The telescopic panel enables you to handle large slabs effortlessly.... >moreADVANTAGES

Our slab trolley SC500 is designed to safely handle large stone slabs:

  • Perfect for loading bench and bridge saw that do not have a tilting table.
  • Lifting surface of 1380×2000 mm (4’6”x6’6”);
  • Extendable telescopic panel for easy access to lever controls when loading large slabs;
  • Worktop fitted with hardwearing plastic wheels for easy slab loading and off-loading;
  • Motorized hydraulic system powered by battery.
  • Available with a Lever Control (LC) or Pendant Control (PC)
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