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Achilli TFR-A Automatic Bench Saw

Achilli TFR-A Automatic Bench Saw


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TFR-A is born from the specific needs of our customers. This motorized bridge saw combines the essentiality of a basic saw with the sturdiness of a massive frame allowing to feature pop-up rollers on the worktable for easy slab positioning......... >moreADVANTAGES

TFR-A is a sturdy and compact bridge saw ideal for cutting large stone slabs:

  • Customizable according to customer requirements;
  • Maximum cutting precision guaranteed by a special beam design;
  • Suitable for ceramic and sintered material slabs;
  • Massive frame for processing large stone slabs;
  • Motorized head feed with variable speed in both directions;
  • Also available with manual head feed (TFR-C).
  • TFR-A HT is Special order and has an extended lead time.
          Technical Details TFR-A TFR-A HT (Special Order)
          Useful cut 3300 mm (10’10”) 3300 mm (10’10”)
          Diamond blade diameter 250-300-350 mm (10”–12”–14”)  400-450-500 mm (16”–18”–20”)
          Blade bore size 25.4 mm (1") 25.4 mm (1")
          Motor power 5kW = 7HP  (3ph.)  4kW = 5.5HP  (3ph.)
          Main motor rotation speed 2800 rpm a 50Hz – 3400 rpm a 60Hz 1400 rpm a 50Hz – 1700 rpm a 60Hz
          Standard voltage/ frequency

          400V-50/60Hz  /230V-60Hz  3ph.

          400V-50/60Hz  /230V-60Hz  3ph.

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