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Achilli TOP Manual Working Center

Achilli TOP Manual Working Center

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All-in-one machine for countertops: sink cut-outs, shaping and polishing internal and external countours, drilling and performing recess drains....... >moreADVANTAGES

TOP multipurpose machine for kitchen countertops:

  • TOP is a multipurpose machine that allows the operator to do different jobs with only one machine with a reduced investment: sink cut-outs, shaping and polishing internal and external contours, drilling and recess drains;
  • All the job is performed without moving the piece;
  • Although it is a manual machine, it does the same job as a CNC working center;
  • it does not require an experienced operator, anybody with a short training can work on this machine;
  • Ideal for a small or new factory minimizing investment, reducing production costs and time to manufacture the finished products;
  • It allows to create complete kitchen and bathroom countertops;
  • Possibility to use templates to create washbasins.
  • Main Motor RPM is 1700
  • 4.5HP, 1ph, 230v
      Technical Details Specifications
      X axis travel 3200 - 3950 mm
      Y axis travel 780 - 1200 - 1600 mm
      Z axis travel 150 mm
      Main motor power 3.3kW = 4.5HP
      Main motor rotation speed 1500/10000 rpm
      Standard voltage/ frequency 230V-50/60Hz (1ph.)
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