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Alpha Beveling Base Starter Kit 5/8"-11

Alpha Beveling Base Starter Kit 5/8"-11

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Alpha® has designed a Carriage Assembly specifically for the Beveling Auxiliary Base (BAB-1590) to assist the precision grinding, beveling and polishing applications. Since the carriage assembly is supported by the guide rail system, it creates the perfect chamfer edge, and difficult edges such as Hollywood Bevel, as well as the straight edge easily by hand applications. We also recommend using the grinding wheel to make mitered edges for the laminated waterfall edge on thin porcelain panels (Laminam, Neolith, Panoramic…etc.) with ½” or less thickness. This method may be used to make a precise miter edge for the perfect laminated edge, instead of the technically demanding miter cut application. Start with precision edges and corners to make a high-quality job every time!

  • Creates A Precise Edge Whether Mitered, Beveled or Straight
  • Transforms Any Polisher or Variable Speed Grinder Into a Precision Straight and Beveled Edge Polishing Tool
  • Perfect On All Materials Including Sintered Slabs and Thin Porcelain Panels
  • Contractor’s Choice for Seamless Countertop Installations
  • Precision Grinding for Perfect Mitered Edge for Lamination
  • High-Quality Polishing Results
  • Cost Savings When Compared to Expensive Machinery
  • Designed to fit Various Polishers/Sanders/Variable-Speed Grinders with a 5/8”- 11 Spindle
  • Exterior Water-Feed System Included
  • Kit Contains: Beveling Auxiliary Base, Carriage Assembly, Guide Rail Set (4', 7', 12' / 1.2m, 2.1m, 3.6m) & Surface Protection Tape
Product Details
Specification Data
Model 5480-2200
Beveling Angle 15°~45°
Beveling Depth 3/8” (10mm)
Max, Straight Angle 90°
Max, Pad Size 4” (100mm)
Spindle 5/8”-11
Weight 3.57 lbs (1.62 kgs) (BAB1590Only)


Equipment Included
Item Quantity
BAB1590 Beveling Auxiliary Base 1
BAB1590 Standard Accessories 1
BAB Carriage Assembly (BAB-CASM) 1
Guide Rail 4' (1.2m) (ASC-GR04) 1
Guide Rail 7' (2.1m) (ASC-GR07) 1
Guide Rail 12' (3.6m) (ASC-GR12) 1
Surface Protection Tape (BAB0650) 1


Manual : BAB-CASM Carriage
Manual : BAB Manual v0120
Manual : Beveling Auxiliary Base
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