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Alpha Felt Buffing Wheels

Alpha Felt Buffing Wheels

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The Alpha® Felt Wheel is a very popular material for the final buff process in stone fabrication. Alpha® Felt Wheels are hook and loop backed buffing wheels designed for use with polishing powders, polishing pastes, and polishing bars to bring out a deep glossy finish on marble and delicate granite edges such as ogees & bullnoses. Marble fabricators love the luster they obtain. Monumentalists like the durability of the Alpha® Felt Wheel. Tile contractors rave about the glossy finish they can present to their customers. We designed Alpha® Felt Wheels specifically to hold up to the acidic contents of most polishing compounds and the heat that is typically generated during the final polishing process. Alpha® Felt Wheels are 1/4” thick and have the perfect degree of hardness versus softness. These factors combined with the easy use of the hook and loop backing, make Alpha® Felt Wheels the best available final polishing discs for marble.
  • Designed for Use with Polishing Powders, Pastes or Bars
  • Very Durable - Holds Up To Acidic Compounds and Heat Generated During Final Polishing
  • Hook and Loop Backed Buffing Wheels
  • 1/4” Thick with The Perfect Degree of Hardness Versus Softness
  • Available in 3”, 4” and 5” Sizes
  • Very Popular Material for The Final Buff Process with Fabricators and Monumentalists
  • Can Be Used for Floor Polishing Applications


Part No. Size Type
FW30250 3" Hook & Loop
FW40250 4" Hook & Loop
FW50250 5" Hook & Loop

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