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Alpha Miter Cutting Kit for the ESC-150

Alpha Miter Cutting Kit for the ESC-150

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Alpha® is excited to introduce a new ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit. It has the new ESC-150 Electric Stone Cutter, which is equipped with a powerful motor capable cutting 1-1/4” (3cm) stone slabs in one pass. It comes with two Carriage Assemblies (ASC-6CSM) to fit on any of the Guide Rails in the included set to provide a portable miter cutting solution. It also contains two Eclipse II blades (DEE006) and Surface Protection Tape. This system can cut 1-1/4” (3cm) materials with ease and doesn’t require the time-consuming setup typically associated with miter cutting. This system is perfect for making precise miter cuts for the perfect lamination. How it works: The Carriage Assembly (ASC-6CSM) is designed for straight cuts as well as miter cuts. This carriage has three templates included that assist the install of the stone cutter for left side or right side miter cutting and straight cutting. If you have two sets (Stone Cutter & Carriage Assembly) setup in each direction on the same guide rail, you can cut a V and the edges would be ready for lamination. If you have a single setup (Stone Cutter & Carriage Assembly), the guide rail need only be setup once on the material. The Stone Cutter can then be positioned to create a miter cut, then repositioned for a second miter cut to create the V.

  • One System for Straight, Curve and Miter Cuts
  • Precise Miter Cuts for Laminated Waterfall Edge and Book Matching
  • Miter Cut 3/4” (2cm) Material with Ease
  • One-Time Easy Setup on the Guide Rail Allows for Two Different Miter Cut Positions for Lamination Prep
  • Save Time and Increase Shop Productivity
  • Kit Contains: 2-ESC-150 Stone Cutters, 2-6" Eclipse II Blades, 2-6” Carriage Assemblies, Guide Rail Set (4', 7', 12' / 1.2m, 2.1m, 3.6m) & Surface Protection Tape
  • One Year Tool Warranty* (*See manual for details)

Product Details
Specification Data
Model 5480-5150 (ESC-150)
Rating 110/220 Volts
Amperage 11.2A / 5.5A
Power 1200W
No Load Speed (min-1) 10,000 RPM
Weight 11.30 lbs (5.12 kgs) (Tool Only)
Arbor 7/8" (22.23mm)
Cutting Disc Diameter 6" (150mm)
Max. Cutting Depth 2" (50.88mm)
Cord 15ft (4.5m) Single Phase
Plug Type A (110V)


Equipment Included
Item Quantity
ESC-150 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter 2
ESC-150 Standard Accessories 2
6" Eclipse II Blade (DEE006) 2
6” Carriage Assembly (ASC-6CSM) 2
Guide Rail 4' (1.2m) (ASC-GR04) 1
Guide Rail 7' (2.1m) (ASC-GR07) 1
Guide Rail 12' (3.6m) (ASC-GR12) 1
Surface Protection Tape (BAB0650) 1


Manual: ESC-150/250 Manual v0721
Parts Schematic: ESC-150/250 Parts/Schematic v0121
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