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Alpha Palm Sanding Blocks

Alpha Palm Sanding Blocks

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Alpha® is excited to offer 5” and 6” palm sanding blocks that are designed to help users reach the areas where they cannot by machine polishers. The Alpha® palm sanding block was originally designed for wet hand polishing applications to achieve very best paint quality. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip that allows you to keep even pressure while sanding thus providing an even finish. Since the palm sanding block is designed to use with a hook & loop fastener, you can use with not only sandpaper alone but together with interface pad and foam pad for the hand detailing application. This system is also applicable for woodworking and composite applications as well as the steel mill can use Ceramica Resin #500 to inspect the surface quality.
  • Perfect for Detail Sanding Where Power Sanding Is Not An Option
  • Accepts Standard 5" & 6” Hook and Loop Discs
  • Ergonomic Dome-Shaped Grip is Made of Semi-Rigid Foam for Comfort
  • Can Be Used with an Interface Pad for More Flexibility
  • Works with Reznet, Ceramica Resin, and Sandpaper Discs
  • Recommended for Hand Sanding/Polishing
  • Shape: Round


Part No. Diameter Type Threads Color Description
SB05HL 5" Semi-Rigid Foam Hook & Loop Yellow Sanding Block
SB06HL 6" Semi-Rigid Foam Hook & Loop Yellow Sanding Block

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