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Alpha PlasterKing Pads

Alpha PlasterKing Pads

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Pool Plaster Polishing

  • High-Performance plaster polishing pad with hook & loop
  • Available In 7" And 9" diameters with #50 and #100
  • 5mm thick diamond layer for a long life
  • PlasterKing does not leave black marking on the surfaces
  • Works On the Air 680-UW Underwater Pneumatic Polisher or pool polisher of contractor's choice
  • The best cost/performance for plaster polishing application


Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Type Recommended For Grit Color
PS070050 7" 5mm 5,500 Hook & Loop Pool Plaster 50 Yellow
PS070100 7" 5mm 5,500 Hook & Loop Pool Plaster 100 Red
PS090050 9" 5mm 5,500 Hook & Loop Pool Plaster 50 Yellow
PS090100 9" 5mm 5,500 Hook & Loop Pool Plaster 100 Red


Part No. Size Type Recommended For Threads For Use On
MP758HL 7" Hook & Loop Foam, Wool, Microfiber Pads & Sandpaper 5/8"-11 Rotary Polisher


Question : Does Alpha® offer a corresponding backer pad for PlasterKing?
Answer : Yes. Alpha® recommends the MP758HL for PlasterKing Pad. MP658HL can be used if the user wishes to have more flexibility to polish tight corners.
Question : Can I use PlasterKing Dry?
Answer : No. PlasterKing should be used wet. Since all pool contractors use wet polishing, we set our bonding system as a wet tool only to maximize the performance and lifespan. If you will use PlasterKing as a dry application, you may see a burning action on bonding system which then transfers color to plaster.
Question : Can I use PlasterKing with the AIR-680UW underwater condition for a long period of time?
Answer : Yes you can.
Question : Will Alpha® offer PlasterKing pads with Electroplated Diamonds?
Answer : Most likely, we will start offering Electroplated pads for the next spring season.
Question : Why does Alpha® only offer 2 grits for this polishing system?
Answer : You may be inquiring about #200 but normally pool contractors stop polishing at #100 since once the water covers the plaster, the color is enhanced and there is no need for a reflective surface condition. Their goal for this application is to make surface somewhat smooth enough for your feet, and/or expose the aggregates with colors.
Question : Is there any seasonality for this application?
Answer : Yes there is. Most pool applications are happening before and after the pool season so that starting from April through Memorial Day and October is the busy season in the area where 4 seasons occur. The biggest market for Swimming Pools in the US is CA, TX, and FL where pool building is year around event.
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