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Alpha® PSC-150 Pneumatic Stone Cutter 6 Inch

Alpha® PSC-150 Pneumatic Stone Cutter 6 Inch

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Alpha® is excited to introduce the PSC-150, which is a pneumatic saw equipped with a 2 hp motor, with a speed governor in the motor that regulates the air consumption according to the torque needed for the application. This regulation includes producing enough torque to cut 1-1/4” (3cm) stone slabs in one pass. In addition, Alpha® recognized the need for an industrial quality portable stone cutter that is capable of miter cutting of 1-1/4” (3cm) materials with ease, so that any stone fabricator can use it when miter cuts are required, without time-consuming setup. Since it is a pneumatic powered motor, you can save the repair and maintenance costs of electric stone cutters when sink-hole cutting and groove-cutting for rodding applications. Alpha® offers a carriage that retrofits on the Alpha® Guide Rail System to support the application of making precise miter cuts for the perfect lamination. The PSC-150 offers kink-free water and air hoses to improve the maneuverability of the stone cutter. The flexibility of the hoses helps reduce operator fatigue and improves the operation. To ensure a long maintenance interval, we also recommend using the manifold system that comes with a regulator and filter to catch the debris and moisture delivered by compressed air. The Alpha® PSC-150 comes with an Eclipse II 6” blade which is the recommended turbo blade for granite and engineered stone. It can utilize a variety of consumables including the Alpha® Katana 6” for porcelain panels and slabs, Hot-Rod 4” for 1/4” steel rods and 1/8” fiber glass rods. For marble applications, a Libero 5” blade is recommended since most marble slabs are 3/4” (2cm) thick or less.

  • Powerful 2hp Motor
  • Pneumatic Saw
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry!
  • Low Maintenance
  • Produces Precise Miter Cuts!

Product Details
Specification Data
Model PSC-150
Air Pressure 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)
Air Consumption Min 929 l/min 32 CFM / 1HP*
Air Consumption Max 48 CFM / 2HP
No Load Speed 8,500 RPM
Air Inlet 3/8” NPSM
Water Inlet 1/4” BSPP
Arbor 7/8” (22mm)
Max. HP 2.0 HP
Cutting Disc Diameter 6" (150mm)
Weight 10.3 lbs (4.6 kgs)
Note: *To control the amount of CFM required, use the reduced flow air inlet fitting 3001-0084


Equipment Included
Item Quantity


Bolts (M6X30 Left) / (M6x20 Left) 2
Side Handle 1
Combination Wrench (9mm) 1
Hex Wrench (5mm) 1
Open End Spanner Wrench (22mm) 1
Air Hose (15ft / 4.5m) 1
Water Hose (15ft / 4.5m) 1
Rust Inhibitor Oil (8oz / 237ml) (AIR-008) 1
Alpha® Eclipse II 6" Blade (DEE006) 1
Muffler 2
Reduced Flow Air Inlet Fitting (3001-0084) 1
Hook & Loop Strap


Manual : PSC-150 v1
Manual : PSC-150 v2
Manual : PSC-150 v3 Manual
Manual : PSC-150 v1219
Maint Card : PSC-150 Maintenance Card
Parts-Schematic : PSC-150-v2 Parts/Schematic
Parts-Schematic : PSC-150-v3 Parts/Schematic


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