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Alpha Silencer III for Quartzite

Alpha Silencer III for Quartzite

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Alpha Professional Tools® is pleased to introduce the Silencer for Quartzite. This high-quality blade for bridge or table saws is designed specifically for Quartzite, a very hard stone that is often difficult to cut. Typically stone fabricators use general purpose blades for granite and quartz surface applications that may cut well for most popular softer materials; however, when the job calls for quartzite and harder granites classified as class 5 materials, general purpose blades will have difficulties cutting the materials and eventually stop cutting. There are potentially two problems associated with these difficulties. First is the choice of blade and cutting the parameters. Most of the general purpose blades are designed for a wide range of applications that usually consist of softer to medium hard materials. Since the matrix and diamond grits are selected for softer materials, they typically do not work well on materials that are very hard. The blade may cut for a short time but then start sparking at the cutting edge, although there is a plenty of water present. If you continue cutting, diamond grits get rounded and the matrix gets glazed. As a consequence, the blade stops cutting and the materials get broken. The second issue is the cutting parameters even though the blade picked is the right blade for quartzite. Since quartzite and class 5 granites have a high contents of quartz, the diamond grits must work very hard to cut them, which may require slower peripheral and traverse speeds. When the selection of the blade is right and the recommended cutting parameters are followed, the blade will perform well on the harder materials. The Alpha® Silencer III produces excellent cuts at significantly reduced noise level. This blade also achieves the highest cost-performance in its class. The uniquely designed core is made of two hardened steel sheets with a thin copper sheet laminated between them. This special construction dissipates the usually high noise levels common to this application. The blade is equipped with a 60mm arbor and comes with a 50mm adapter. Additional adapters are available as well.

  • Designed for Quartzite and Class 5 Granites
  • Fast, Chip-Free Cutting
  • Miter Cut Capable with 15mm Segments
  • Produces Excellent Cuts at Reduced Noise Level
  • Outstanding Cost-Performance
  • Available with a 60mm Arbor and 50mm Adapter
  • Free Re-Tipping Service for Life of the Blade

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s) Recommended For
SLW14KKQ 14" 2.8mm 4,365 60mm, 50mm Quartzite
SLW16KKQ 16" 3.3mm 3,820 60mm, 50mm Quartzite
SLW18KKQ 18" 4.4mm 3,395 60mm, 50mm Quartzite
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