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Alpha Summit Final Polish Wheels

Alpha Summit Final Polish Wheels

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Alpha® Summit Final Polish wheels are designed for use on radial arm polishers for the flat surface polishing of granite. Used with a little water for lubrication, Alpha® Summit Final Polish wheels provide the high gloss and excellent reflection that is only produced with large automatic polishing machines. Ideally suited for fabrication shops and monument producers, these wheels are easy to use and are the finishing touch to the Alpha® Summit Polishing System. Fabricators love the extremely high gloss they achieve with these wheels. Monument producers appreciate these wheels for the variety of surfaces they can polish. The Alpha® Summit Final Polish wheels utilize tin oxide as the primary component in a heat compressed form. Tin oxide is recognized as the best alloy powder available for polishing granite. In powder form, tin oxide is very expensive since much is wasted during the polishing process. In a compressed form, such as the Alpha® Summit Final Polish, there is no waste as the disc maintains the perfect amount of tin oxide at the surface for polishing granite. Safe and long lasting, Alpha® Summit Final Polish wheels are available in black for dark granites and white for light granites. They can be used in sequence on black stones for optimal polishing quality. This exclusive technology provides the best quality finishes. If you own a radial arm polisher, Alpha® Summit Final Polish wheels are a must for your shop.
  • Designed for Use On Radial Arm Polishers for Flat Surface Polishing of Granite
  • Achieves A High-Gloss and Excellent Reflection
  • Long Lasting and Provides Superior Quality Performance
  • Very Little Water Required
  • Wheels Utilize Tin Oxide As The Primary Component in A Heat Compressed Form
  • Fast, Consistent Results
  • Available in 6”, 8” and 10” Diameters


Part No. Size Recommended For Grit Color BondType
S10BLACK 10" Granite Buff Black Final Polish
S10WHITE 10" Granite Buff White Final Polish
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