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Alpha Summit Resin Bond Polishing Wheels

Alpha Summit Resin Bond Polishing Wheels

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Alpha® Summit Resin Polishing wheels fit the most common radial arm polishers found throughout the North American stone industry. These resin wheels are designed to match the factory finish provided by large multi-head polishing machines. Most surface polishing applications are easily accomplished with these resin wheels. Applications such as the fabrication of countertops, tabletops, and the backsides of slabs or monument sides and tops, can easily be processed. The resin wheels are long lasting and provide superior quality performance compared to old-fashioned polishing methods. Alpha® Summit Resin Polishing wheels give you fast and consistent results. These wheels are easy to use and are quick to change from grit to grit. Summit wheels are available in three sizes to accommodate any application for granite surface polishing. Available in two bond types: M5 bond for most granite applications and M4 bond for gray granites commonly used in monument fabrication. The advanced design of the Alpha® Summit Resin Polishing wheels is sure to save time and money while providing the best results.
  • Designed To Match The Factory Finish Using A Radial Arm Polisher
  • Available in Two Bond Types: M5 Bond for Most Granite Applications and M4 Bond for Gray Granites
  • Long Lasting and Provides Superior Quality Performance
  • Easily Fabricate Countertops, Tabletops, The Backsides of Slabs and Monument Sides and Tops
  • Fast, Consistent Results
  • Available in 6”, 8” and 10” Diameters
  • Grits Available: #200, #500, #1000, #2000 and #3000


Part No. Size Recommended For Grit Color BondType
SR100200 10" Granite 200 Yellow Resin
SR100500 10" Granite 500 Orange Resin
SR101000 10" Granite 1000 Green Resin
SR102000 10" Granite 2000 Light Green Resin
SR103000 10" Granite 3000 Brown Resin
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