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Alpha Turboshine Polishing Pad – 3 inch

Alpha Turboshine Polishing Pad – 3 inch

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Introducing Alpha® Turboshine, a new polishing system for seamless countertop installations and scratch removals for natural and engineered stones. Equipped with the newly designed “Dual Adapter System”, the vibration during operations is dramatically reduced. This new system allows you to utilize the optimum disc type and grit for the application without changing the drive system. The Dual Adapter System has improved user-convenience and reduced the downtime between grits. The Turboshine System comes with rigid discs including the famous Alpha® Buffs along with a new and unique #2000 grit disc designed to bring back the original surface condition of Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces. The finest results can be accomplished by selecting the appropriate tooling for the choice of stone. The Turboshine provides the best results for not only Granites and Engineered Stones/Quartz Surfaces, but also for the most difficult marbles such as green and black. In addition, the system works great on Crystallized Glass and Concrete Slabs! Now available with a Final Polishing wheel to achieve the highest possible shine!
  • Designed for Polishing Seamless Countertops and Scratch Removal for Natural and Engineered Stones
  • Utilizes Dual Adapter System for Reduced Vibration
  • Quick Disc Type and Grit Changes Reduces Downtime
  • Rigid Discs Available for Polishing and Grinding
  • Provides The Best Results On Granite, Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfaces, and Difficult Marbles Such As Green and Black
  • Final Polishing Wheel Achieves The Highest Possible Shine
  • Unique #2000 Grit Disc Designed for Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces
  • Works Great On Concrete Slabs


  • For use on Granite and Engineered Stone
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