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Alpha Vortex Intricate & Flush Cutting Blade for Granite

Alpha Vortex Intricate & Flush Cutting Blade for Granite

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Alpha® had created the Duo Trak Blade as a multi-purpose blade to be used in a variety of applications. Unfortunately, ANSI regulations did not recognize a blade with the ability to perform more than one function. In response to those regulations we discontinued the Duo Trak. At the same time, we improved the design by adding side protection segments on both sides of the blade and introduced the Vortex. The dual side protection segments improve the strength and durability, while creating a flush cutting blade superior to any other available in the market. Stone fabricators will love the versatility of this blade and the ease with which it can complete flush cutting operations. The unique design provides an excellent cost per cut ratio. Ideally suited for use on various materials, it may be used wet or dry. A very aggressive blade that allows the operator to perform cuts quickly and efficiently. Available in 4” and 5” sizes.

  • Requires Quad Drive or Flush Cut Adapter to fit High-Speed Angle Grinder
  • Perfect for Granite and Engineered Stone
  • Specially Designed for Flush Cutting and Feathering
  • Stone Fabricator's Choice
  • Chip-Free Cutting on Most Demanding Applications
  • Side Protection Segments Help Cutting Straight

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s)
FCD40AH 4" 2.5mm 14,500 20mm Quad Drive
FCD50AH 5" 2.5mm 12,200 20mm Quad Drive
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