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Omega Diamond

Blue Ripper 5HP Water Cooled Motor - IceBorg

Blue Ripper 5HP Water Cooled Motor - IceBorg

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This new style of 5hp motor is a BEAST. We have pushed it up to 19hp for over 20mins, without any heat damage to the motor! It was developed by us, Omega Diamond, for maximum performance and durability. The advanced water-cooling design, features multiple water jackets, for maximum cooling during heavy cuts in hard material. In normal use this motor pulls 15-17amps at 220 volts.


Blue Ripper Sr Motor Wire Diagram

This is a replacement part for the Blue Ripper Sr 5HP saw, sold separately. Click below for the link:

 When Upgrading Older Saws: Looking to replace your worn out old saw motor with the performance and durability of the newer style 5hp motor? Upgrading your old saw is possible but requires additional parts:

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