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Bonstone Anchor Epoxy

Bonstone Anchor Epoxy

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Anchor Epoxy Kits
Bonstone Anchor™ Epoxy is a “Slow Cure” two-part, engineering-grade high performance exterior epoxy adhesive used for anchoring stainless steel threaded rod in natural stone and concrete, as well as stone to stone bonding.
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 by volume
  • Set Time: 6 hrs @ 75°F
  • Slow setting
  • Ideal for assemblies which require longer open times and elevated temperatures
  • May be thickened with Touchstone™ T-100
  • Can be tinted using Touchstone™ Liquid Tints
  • Apply only to horizontal surfaces when assembling
  • Colors Available: Cream, Buff, and Gray
  • 3 Kit Sizes to choose from: 10 Gallon, 2 Gallon and 2 Quart


  • Anchoring stainless steel bolts in stone panels
  • Stone to stone bonding
  • Liner block applications
  • Laminating stone to other construction materials
  • Assembly window units


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