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Bonstone Duropoxi F

Bonstone Duropoxi F

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Duropoxi-F is a two-part, exterior grade, structural epoxy. Has the same strength and characteristics as the original Duropoxi with the added benefit of remaining flexible. Most epoxies become rigid or semi-rigid when fully cured, this innovative formula remains flexible after it is cured.

Product Information

  • Mix Ratio: 1:1 by Volume
  • Set Time: 2-4 Hours
  • High strength
  • Remains flexible after it is cured
  • Water cleanup with Scotch-Brite® pad
  • Can be tinted using Touchstone™ Liquid Tints
  • Exterior, vertical and horizontal applications
  • Size Available: Gallon


  • Tile setting on uneven surfaces
  • Laminating thin stone or ceramic tile veneer to a flexible substrate
  • SDS/TDS available upon request
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