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BVC Stone Vacuum Cup Sink Rail 50X400X150MM

BVC Stone Vacuum Cup Sink Rail 50X400X150MM

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  • 50x400mm cup with the height of 150mm is perfect for those narrow sink rail cut outs.
  • Zero leaks with an absolute perfect rubber seal.
  • Holding power up to double to your existing cups.
  • Almost 1/2 the weight of other stone cups with patented modular design for strength.
  • No foam gasket needed to use, unless the cup has been damaged.
  • Install the foam gasket in seconds, if you run into the rubber lid.

BVC Vacuum Cups

Increase production, faster speeds and set up times with Better Vacuum Cups! Virtually goof-proof, with replacement parts that are easy to swap out! We offer replacement tops, bottoms and blocks for all sizes of vacuum cups. Swap out parts within 30 seconds.

Replacement Tops and Bottoms

Sometimes mistakes happen that can damage your CNC vacuum cup, while running your CNC machine and processing stone countertops. Now there's no need to worry because we offer replacement tops and bottoms for your vacuum cups. Keep a few extra on hand to minimize downtime and expenses.

Replacement Blocks

Is the top and bottom fine, but the block itself has damage? Replacement blocks are available in the size that you need. Take the top and bottom from the old cup and move to the replacement block you're back on track! Keep a few extra on hand to minimize downtime and expenses.

Replacement Foam Rubber Gasket

If you need a bit of extra seal from minor damage, try using some easy replacement foam rubber gasket, sold separately. With this option, you don't need to replace the top or bottom due to accidentally cutting into them a little bit. Keep an extra roll on hand for a quick repair.

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