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Diamax Cyclone LHP Low Horsepower Bridge Saw Blade

Diamax Cyclone LHP Low Horsepower Bridge Saw Blade

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The new Cyclone LHP Blade is designed for operation on lower horsepower saws such as the Blue Ripper, portable track saws, and any smaller bridge saws. It features a soft bond segment keeping it free cutting its entire lifespan. It also includes a silent core to ensure lower operation noise. Can be used on any higher horsepower saw when cutting difficult materials such as quartzite.

  • 14" or 16" diameter with 10mm or 15mm segment height
  • 50/60mm arbor
  • For saws 10hp and lower
  • Silent core
  • Recommended for Engineered stone, Granite, or Quartzite
  • Wet Cutting only
  • Recommended RPM for 14" blade is 1,400 - 1,600
  • Recommended RPM for 16" blade is 1,200 - 1,400


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