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Diamax Cyclone QZT 2.0 Quartzite Bridge Saw Blades

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Longest lasting Quartzite Blade on the market. Provides a fast and clean cut on quartzite. Designed with for true, straight cuts.

  • All new bond built for speed & reliability! Only one pass needed!
  • 20mm Segment height for virtually no deflection while mitering
  • Segment designed to keep a square edge during while mitering
  • Reduce production bottlenecks with fast cuts and clean edges.
  • Use for cutting Engineered Stone, Granite, or Quartzite
  • Wet Cutting only
  • Recommended feed rate of 42"/min while mitering and 72"/min in straight cuts
  • RPM for 14" blade is 1,900, For use on saws 10-25 horsepower
  • RPM for 16" blade is 1,900, For use on saws 15-25 horsepower
  • RPM for 18" blade is 1,700, For use on saws 20-25 horsepower