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Diteq D-23 Rescue, Utility & Metal Cutting Diamond Blade

Diteq D-23 Rescue, Utility & Metal Cutting Diamond Blade

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DD-23 Rescue Blades

DITEQ’s rescue blades are vacuum bonded diamond. There are no segments welded to the core - the core and segments are all one piece with the diamonds bonded to the blade. Through this process, DITEQ has created a blade that will cut through almost any material without sacrificing the life of the blade. These blades are faster, cheaper and safer to use than carbide tip blades or abrasive blades. The added side protection on these blades makes them useful to grind and bevel edges of utility pipes in preparation for installing connections and making repairs.

The DITEQ rescue/utility blade has been tested by several local fire departments. The following comments were made by John Sayre, a captain at the North Kansas City Fire Department: “We cut a variety of materials. It performed extremely well cutting concrete and stone material. We even tested its claim that it would cut rail steel, which it had no problem doing. Steel I-beams and angle iron were also cut easily. We also cut some asphalt roofing material on a wood pallet. The blade did not gum up or lose its cutting ability. After testing the blade for several days and cutting a variety of materials, we were surprised at the durability of the blade and the lack of any visible wear. Overall the blade performed beyond our expectations and we would recommend this blade to any fire company looking for an all-purpose rescue blade.” Additionally, the DITEQ rescue blade is the only rescue blade on the market that meets or exceeds all requirements of both OSHA and ANSI for use in emergency situations by firefighters.

The DITEQ Rescue blade is ideal for use by fire and rescue departments, water and utility departments, automotive shops and salvage yards.

  • Metal, Concrete, Asphalt, Stone
  • Ductile iron
  • Bullet-proof glass
  • Railroad Rails
  • Rebar and other steel materials
  • Metal Roofs
  • PVC and other plastic materials
  • Cuts Quazite Underground Enclosures With Ease

Laser WeldedWet/Dry Use

SKU Rescue / Utility Blades
BLADE SPEC. / LOW HP D-23 Rescue
BLADE APPLICATION Metal & Rescue, Ductile Iron Pipe
BLADE SIZE See Variants
ARBOR SIZE See Variants
BLADE WIDTH See Variants
LOW HP ARIX BLADES Traditional Diamond Technology
TYPE OF SEGMENTS Vacuum Bonding Technology
WET OR DRY USE Wet / Dry Use
SILENT CORE Not Silent Core
MADE IN South Korea


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