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Diteq Electroplated Marble Blade M-31S-EP 6"

Diteq Electroplated Marble Blade M-31S-EP 6"

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Use for fast, clean cuts of marble, fiberglass, plastics, and graphite. Electroplated segments provide long life and smooth cutting.
  • Tile and Ceramic
  • Marble and Limestone
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic PVC
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Wet/Dry Use

    Wet/Dry UseMarble BladeTile Sawangle grinder usehand saw

    BLADE APPLICATION Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Fiberglass, PVC
    TYPE OF SEGMENTS Electroplated Technology
    QUALITY LEVEL Super Premium
    BLADE SPEC. / LOW HP M31-EP Electroplated Bond
    BLADE WIDTH .095"
    ARBOR SIZE 7/8" - 5/8" Flush
    WET OR DRY USE Wet / Dry Use
    SEGMENT HEIGHT Electroplated
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