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Groves Heavy Duty Transport Rack - TR6K

Groves Heavy Duty Transport Rack - TR6K

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  • No fasteners required to mount A-Frame onto cart, simply set down on self-centering flanges
  • Splash Caddie inside of A-Frame allows for extra storage
  • A-Frame is forkliftable from both ends.
  • Uprights and hold-down bars are designed in-line with each other and have full-length protective rubber tubing for an even and secure contact
  • Rubber pads on bottom supports are covered with a thick braided nylon jacket for extra protection
  • Two bottom supports for every upright gives extra support and protection for cutouts and other areas of weakness

The TR6K is a heavy-duty transport rack that has hold-down bars that are in-line with the A-Frame uprights. This applies even pressure to the material being transported, creating fewer pressure points for possible breakage en route. Making it a smart and safe choice for moving or transporting delicate or fabricated stone.

In addition, the TR6K has an optional six-wheeled base that is easy-on, easy-off, for less hassle moving materials around the shop.


Maximum Weight Capacity: 6,000 Lbs.

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