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Satellite City Instant Glues

Special T Green, Clear 2 oz Thick (HST-4T)

Special T Green, Clear 2 oz Thick (HST-4T)

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HST-4T is a 2oz bottle of Special T thick CA glue

  • Cure time 60 Seconds
  • Viscosity is the consistency of honey
  • Color is water clear and dries completely clear
  • Remove excess on stone with a razor blade
  • Interior use
  • Cures to handling strength in about 60 seconds (faster with an accelerator)

Special T THICK gap-filling CA glue (green label) has a viscosity (1150-1500) similar to honey. This super glue works great when you use it to bond both porous and non-porous parts, and it can fill larger gaps than our Super T medium CA glue. >more

It is best used to glue parts that are missing pieces or don’t fit very well together. You can bond the same materials as with our other CA glue- wood, metal rubber, nitrile, composites, many types of plastics- and Special T is effective even when a poor fit makes parts look impossible to bond. The gap-filling capability is very useful when there is a large chunk missing from a surface- filling that space with Special T can preserve the structural integrity, seal the area from moisture and contaminants, bond something to the exterior that would not fit otherwise, cover and protect jagged edges, and improve the look of the surface.

If you have pieces that do fit well together, then this is the wrong CA glue to use, as it will create extra space in between the pieces. However, if you have a big chunk missing from a wood or stone surface that you need to fill in, or if you are gluing poorly-fitting materials, this is the best instant glue to use. It is also our easiest CA glue to use because Special T doesn’t require a good fit and because the high viscosity makes it run much less than our thinner instant glues. Special T cures slower than our other CA glues (roughly 20 seconds with accelerator and 60 seconds without accelerator when pressed firmly between two parts), so you also have more time to assemble your pieces.

We recommend using the QA-6 NCF Quick 6oz aerosol CA glue accelerator to speed up the cure time and ensure a complete cure of the bond. This is especially important with Special T CA glue because of its slower curing time relative to Hot Stuff and Super T and also because if Special T is being used for gap-filling and is not subjected to firm pressure between two parts, it will likely take at least a few hours to cure without accelerator.

You may also want to keep a bottle of our Super Solvent debonder for CA glue on hand to remove super glue from your hands and most surfaces. You may not need Super Solvent often, but it doesn’t go bad, and you’ll be glad you have it when you need it!

When filling gaps, it is always best to apply one layer of glue and cure it with NCF Quick accelerator before applying the next layer. Filling a large gap without curing each layer will result in a delay or failure in the curing of the bottom layers. Don’t be afraid to overfill a gap- you can easily remove the excess with a razor blade after it is cured or sand it down if necessary.

Store unopened bottles in the freezer to extend shelf life. Bottles of super glue (any brand) which have been opened will experience a shorter shelf life if they are continually taken out of and put back into cold storage. Shelf life is 1 year for 1, 2, and 4oz bottles.

Each weight: 0.17 lbs
Pack quantity:12
Pack weight: 2.1 lbs
Case quantity:100
Case weight: 17.9 lbs
Tariff code: 3506.10.00
Shelf life: 1 year
Country of Origin: US

P65 Warning


This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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