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ItalDiamant Taj Mahal Solid Core Blade

ItalDiamant Taj Mahal Solid Core Blade

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The Ital Diamant Quartzite Taj Mahal Solid Core blade is designed specifically for cutting dense quartzite. This solid core blade can be used for straight cuts, but more directly for miter cuts. When mitering, the solid steel core reduces the chance for deflection sometimes caused by laminated silent cores.  If you are having trouble with your miter cuts having deflection in quartzite, then this is the blade for your to use.

  •     Fast, chip free cutting on all Quartzite
  •     Solid SteelCore Blade for Mitering with minimal deflection
  •     High performance
  •     Wet use only
  •     15mm high rim
  •     Made in Italy

With this blade, we have combined high performance and quality of work that you can use with confidence. This is a diamond tipped blade with 15mm segments.

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