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Omega Diamond

Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw

Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw

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This powerful, light-weight, portable rail saw makes cutting granite countertops a breeze!

Do you need speed, accuracy and quality work at your job site? The Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw delivers that and much more. Whether in the shop or out on the job site, the Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw nails precision work with ease.

The Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw makes full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth. By using the rail system there is no need to use gauges, shims, or offset measurements. Your rail is your guide. With this rail system you will have accuracy and smoothness absolutely better, and faster, than by hand.

Price does NOT include rails. Blue Ripper Rails sold separately. For info about ordering a saw with rails see Notes below. 

WARNING!! This product contains chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Included Items

  • Makita 5477NB hypoid saw (item 948-421 only)
  • 8" blade10ft. water hose with inline ball-valve shut-off
  • Inline GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)


  • Takes full plunge* cuts up to 4cm deep!
  • Up to 4 FPM cut speed, single pass* through 2cm absolute black!
  • 4,300 motor RPM
  • Accepts up to 8" blades
  • Standard 5/8" blade Arbor
  • One-hand water disconnect
  • Easy-adjust locking height adjustment
  • Only 19.8 pounds in weight
  • Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!
  • Requires Blue Ripper Rails

Tips & Tricks

A tip we discovered to help prevent wear damage to the front hinge bracket of the Blue Ripper Jr is to coat the inside of the motor housing near the front hinge, as well as the hinge bracket where the blade sprays onto it, with silicone caulking or tooldip. As the silicone wears, simply re-coat the surfaces. A lot cheaper and easier than having to buy a new bracket and re-aligning the saw every few years!

See the attached manual for operating instructions, replacement parts, and more!

Worm Drives

For a short period we offered the Blue Ripper Jr rail saw with the choice of either a Makita 5477NB, Milwaukee 6477-20, Skil saw SHD77M, or a Bosch 1677M. This proved to be a bad choice - the majority of our customers that purchased the non-Makita brands wound up swapping them out for the Makita. This is because the bronze worm drive does not hold up to the vibration generated by cutting stone - we observed that the gear oil in these motors would go black within an hour's worth of cutting, and would often fail within a few days worth of operation. Makita is still the only brand that offers the infinitely superior hypoid bevel gear - which we have not yet seen be the point of first failure in even the most abused Makita. Because of this we've discontinued advertising and web sales of the models of the Blue Ripper Jr that used the other brands.

Requires Blue Ripper Rails™

These rails are designed for all Blue Ripper™ branded machines made by Omega Diamond. You can set up the Blue Ripper Rail™ on a slab and cut with either the Blue Ripper Sr™ or the Blue Ripper Jr™, then move the rail and switch out for the Blue Ripper Miter Master™ to cut the perfect mitered edge all on the same rail! The Blue Ripper Rails™ are sold separately and DO NOT come with the Blue Ripper™ machines unless specifically ordered (see Notes below). Please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page for rail options.


Product may show minor usage (dust, etc.) due to factory testing before shipping.

Blade shipped with product may not match images. We are constantly testing to find faster blades, and we ship each new machine with the best we have at the time of shipping.

You are purchasing a saw without rails - Please note that this saw requires Blue Ripper Rails™ to operate as designed. If you need rails, please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page and call us to order.

Warranty - As of January 1, 2019 we have begun to enforce more forcefully our longstanding warranty policy on the Makita Saws. You will need to deal directly with Makita if the motor fails within the Makita one year warranty period. We developed our new Blue Ripper G2 Rail Saw as an upgrade to the Blue Ripper Jr.

More Information


Our Rails are made of 304 stainless steel not soft aluminum. Furthermore, they are one continuous piece!! Not some flimsy bolt together! Sold separately.

 You are purchasing a saw WITHOUT rails - Please note that this saw requires Blue Ripper Rails™ to operate as designed. If you need rails, please see the Blue Ripper Rails™ page. Also known as a portable track saw.


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