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Righetti P5A625K-X Smart Vacuum Lifter

Righetti P5A625K-X Smart Vacuum Lifter

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The Righetti P5A625K-X 5-pad vacuum lifter has a lifting capacity of 1,375 lbs (625 kg), so it can lift up the heaviest 3cm slabs. Thanks to two 33” (830mm) movable extension arms, the pads can be moved to change the configuration to accommodate all your needs from an L-shaped countertop up to a full slab. The standard central beam is 94” (2400mm) long. The pads measure 19” x 9” (480x230mm) each and feature support for quick rotation. Each pad can rotate up to 22.5° without taking it off the beam, giving you the flexibility to reposition and configure the pads to accommodate countertops with sink cutouts. It is powered by compressed air and features a pneumatic auto-tilting system controlled by a joystick on the lifter’s handle. It is equipped with an audio-visual alarm control unit that warns the operator of possible dangerous situations. The vacuum gauge with colored scale allows constant control of the vacuum level reached. It is equipped with a filtering system for dust and condensation.

  • 5 adjustable vacuum pads
  • Max Spread 106” x 36” or 96” x 46”
  • Min Spread 44” x 36” or 46” x 35”
  • Pads rotate up to 22.5° while still on beam to allow flexible configurations, specific to each job
  • Individual Shutoff Valves
  • Control Lever Power Tilt
  • Weight 247lbs
  • Made it Italy
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