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Righetti S4-PN Low-Profile Vacuum Lifter

Righetti S4-PN Low-Profile Vacuum Lifter

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The Righetti S4-PN vacuum lifters for stone are lower profile and measure just 25” vertically from the bottom of the pad to the top of the lifter. The sloped position of the cylinder considerably reduces the height below the hook, making it great for shops that have low ceiling heights. It has 4 rectangular vacuum pads that measure 19” x 9” (480x230mm) each. They can be moved along the two 34” (860mm) crossing arms and those arms can be moved along the 94” (2400mm) central beam. It is equipped with an audio-visual alarm control for safety. The vacuum gauge with colored scale allows constant control of the vacuum level reached. The unit has a 1,100lb (500kg) capacity and auto tilt. It is equipped with a filtering system for dust and condensation.

  • Low profile for shops with low ceilings
  • Max Spread 106” x 37” or 96” x 47”
  • Min Spread 44” x 36” or 46” x 35”
  • Individual Shutoff Valves
  • Control Lever Power Tilt
  • Weight 207lbs
  • Made in Italy
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