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SAFEBOARD™ FMA 3-Piece Wave Tech 65"x128"x10mm (10-Sets, 30 pieces)

SAFEBOARD™ FMA 3-Piece Wave Tech 65"x128"x10mm (10-Sets, 30 pieces)

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SAFEBOARD™ FMA (Foam Manufacturing Assist) is a slab reinforcement and risk reduction system.

SAFEBOARD™ FMA is a set of high-density, rigid foam panels that reinforce and support porcelain and other fragile slabs through the entire shipping, handling, fabrication, and installation process.

SAFEBOARD™ FMA comes in Wave Tech configuration and is applied to your slab prior to fabrication. FMA stays permanently bonded to your slab and can be installed directly onto a countertop sub-top using SAFEBOND Adhesive. FMA provides for your slab:

  • Shock and Vibration Dampening Properties
  • Risk Reduction
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Improved Safety
  • 10 sets, 30 pieces

With FMA bonded to your slab, you no longer need to fear catastrophic failure during handling, fabrication, and installation processes. FMA provides all the safety you need to use porcelain to its fullest. The panels are lightweight and easy to ship and install. FMA comes with pre-applied Quick Stick adhesive, allowing for quick and easy installation onto your slab in under 10 minutes. Once applied and left to cure for 24 hours, the slab can be handled and fabricated like any other stone slab.

Dimensions: 65"x128"x10mm, 39lbs

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