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StoneGlo RGB Color Backlighting Panel

StoneGlo RGB Color Backlighting Panel

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This is the new RGB Color version of the StoneGlo LED backlighting system, an energy-efficient and innovative LED system for commercial and residential use. The StoneGlo Backlighting System is ideal for backlighting transparent, translucent and semi-translucent stone countertops including onyx, granite, agate, quartz, glass, quartzite, etc. If you want your stone to glow use StoneGlo!

With these panels, you will get a consistent white light throughout the area being backlit. These LED backlighting panels are able to be customized onsite by the installer. They can be cut to almost any shape to accommodate curved edges and fixtures. They generate little to no heat and will last for years even if you are running them for 24 hours a day.

Simple to customize, simple to install, simple to use!

The StoneGlo panels can be custom-cut on the job-site with a variety of carpenter saws. The installer can easily cut and shape the panels to fit around the sink, countertops, overhangs, and edges. No longer is there a need to wait 8 – 12 weeks for a customized panel to be made or to settle for inferior lighting systems that leave bright spots and dark spots throughout the project. While the StoneGlo Backlighting System is not waterproof, nor should it be made to be waterproof (doing so voids the warranty), if you are using it in either an arid environment or an environment that has been waterproofed with a barrier there is no need for the backlighting system to be waterproof.

With The StoneGlo Backlighting System, you get consistent lighting throughout your project.

  • No CAD drawings needed
  • No templates
  • No hot spots
  • No dark spots
  • Pairs with an app via Bluetooth where you can choose the panel color, sync to music, or choose from preset visual effects
  • 2 piece panel
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

The StoneGlo Backlighting System uses 12-volt LED panels. They can be run on 12-volt batteries, or you can run them on AC with a 12 volt UL listed class 2 driver. If you are using a 60-watt driver designed for residential use you will need one driver for every 24 panels, as the drivers should not be run greater than 80% capacity. If you want to use these on a dimmer switch you will need a magnetic dimmable driver. When used with AC, always use an inline fuse between the driver and the lights.

The StoneGlo Backlighting System will revolutionize backlighting stone. They are incredibly low-maintenance and can have a single light source. They run on a 12-volt system and requires only 2 watts of power per square foot.

Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 0.25 in

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