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The Rockbiter Chisel Tool

The Rockbiter Chisel Tool

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Are you ready to cut down on production costs for chiseled edging on granite countertops?

  • Rockbiter I will create that beautiful chiseled edge on 2cm to 4cm thick slabs
  • Rockbiter II works on slab thicknesses of 6cm to 8cm
  • Rockbiter 3000 works on slab thicknesses of 3cm to 6cm

We’re 100% confident that this tool WILL deliver results and save your shop time and money.

• Create a split face chiseled edge on up to 8cm stone!

• May be used on laminated counter tops.

• Faster and easier to use for increased profit and productivity.

• Safer edge production than many similar tools, but without harsh impacts.

• Rockbiters I and II, replacement blades, and bolt kits will ship within 1-3 business days.

• The shipping weight for the RB 1 is 18lbs, RB 2 is 20lbs. and RB 3000 is 22lbs

• Tool comes with complete set of instructions and warranty.

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