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Top Saver

Top Saver Edge Clamps, 2 x 6' rails per box

Top Saver Edge Clamps, 2 x 6' rails per box

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The Original Top Saver is a low profile Stainless Steel clamping device that attaches to your countertops.

It offers greater protection during the fabrication process and when making cut outs.

Best of all, it protects the stone edges from chipping during transport to the job site so you never have to hear those dreaded words, "Sorry Boss" again -- at least not for chipped or cracked counters.


  • Stack tops side by side – No bulky C-clamps or protruding crank downs
  • Simple design – No costly parts to wear out or replace
  • Keep fastened throughout the entire fabrication process
  • Carry tops easily without fear of broken sink rails.
  • 2 x 6" Rails included (one pair)

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