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WEHA Forklift Snow Plow Attachment

WEHA Forklift Snow Plow Attachment

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WEHA Forklift Snow Plow Attachment with Angle Adjustment

The Weha Forklift Snow Plow is a hot dipped galvanized snow plow for a forklift.
simply slide the forks in the receivers, tighten the bolts down onto the receivers and the plow is ready for multiple uses.
The Forklift Snow Plow can be adjusted to push snow straight, right, or left by adjusting the angle from the fork. See the video below to see how it works.

Perfect Forklift Snow Plow for moving snow, cleaning floors in the shop, etc

Includes a rubber scraper, anti slip protections and angle adjustment on both sides 10°/20°

Length: 59" (1500mm)
Width: 27" (675mm)
Height": 26" (660mm)
Fork Lift Pockets: 7.8" x 3.9" (200x100mm)

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