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G-Rail Master Kit

G-Rail Master Kit

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G-Rail Master Kit

The G-Rail Lift & Support System is the ultimate tool for safe and efficient porcelain slab transport and installation.

The G-Rail Support System rail attachment was initially created as a rigid system to safely and effectively transport large format porcelain slabs. G-Rail users have saved thousands of dollars a year by reducing breakage on site and redundancies in fabrication. The G-Rail system works in conjunction with Grabo brand vacuum cups.  They attach underneath the Grabo handle and away from the slab. This gives the users multiple grab points along the rail, which makes handling heavier pieces or awkward spaces easier to accomplish.

What's included:

  • [6] G-Rail Connectors
  • [2] G-Rail 7' Bars
  • [2] G-Rail 3' Bars
  • [4] G-Rail 2' Bars
  • [4] G-Rail Levelers
  • [2] G-Rail Seam Pullers
  • [2] G-Rail Miters
  • [4] G-Rail Coupling/Handle Attachments
  • [8] G-Rail Handle Components

The G-Rail Support System has come a long way since it initial release. With additional attachments, users can now transform their unit into a multifaceted install machine. Waterfall miter edges, set traditional horizontal and vertical seams, and even seams across sinks. GRABO and G-Rail work in perfect harmony to give you the ultimate tool on the job site and in your install trucks.

The G-RAIL attachment easily slots into the Grabo suction cups allowing you to add stabilizing rails and handles. With these attachments, you can easily lift up to 1,000 pounds of any material.

The G-RAIL Miter System works with a miter attachment that can be easily attached to or removed from the G-rail System. The G-Rail Miter System allows you to set waterfall miter edges with a perfect 90-degree edge. It allows you to set the edge, walk away and continue working on completing the installation with confidence the waterfall will set perfectly.

G-RAIL Seamer System works with G-Rail levelers and a G-Rail puller that ensures a tight level seam whether it be on a countertop surface or a full height backsplash.

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Grabo Brand Vacuum Cups are sold separately:

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