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Omni Cubed

Omni Cubed Sink Hole Saver™ Slider Manual v6

Omni Cubed Sink Hole Saver™ Slider Manual v6

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The Sink Hole Saver™ Manual v6 is a surface-mounted reinforcement system that strengthens fragile materials during lifting, transportation, and installation. This product features proprietary, non-marking concaved vacuum cups with triple sealing rings for a strong, reliable hold—even on textured and leathered surfaces. The vacuum cups can be re-pumped in place without loss of remaining suction, and red-collar indicators on thumb pumps allow vacuum pressure to be monitored at a glance. The six fluted knobs allow quick repositioning of cups around cutouts.

The Sink Hole Saver™ Manual models are equipped with all fittings to easily become Auto models with the purchase of a VMP 750.


  • Pays for itself with one prevented break!™
  • Surface-mounted reinforcement system for fragile materials
  • Perfect solution for thin materials, curved countertops, vertical panels, and high-low drops
  • Non-marking 6" cups feature a concave design for quick attachment, even to bowed surfaces
  • FTS™ (flexible triple seal) vacuum cups provide secure, reliable hold on textured or leathered materials
  • Re-pumpable cups, without remaining pressure loss
  • Easy to read vacuum pressure indicators
  • High flow vacuum release valves for fast and hassle-free removal of product
  • Quickly extend or collapse to completely support fragile materials


  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Rigid Cross-Brace Kit  (part # RCB-S4-19) attaches perpendicular to any two Omni Cubed® vacuum cup Sink Hole Savers to minimize flexing and twisting of large and fragile materials.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Angle Bracket (part # AB-SHS) connects two Sink Hole Savers to create a rigid joint at any angle up to 270° for safe transportation of uniquely shaped countertops.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Extension Bracket Kit (part # ESB-19) combines two Sink Hole Saver™ Manuals or Autos into one adjustable-length rail for greater versatility and convenience.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Vertical Lifting Handle Kit (part # VLH-19) attaches to vacuum cup Sink Hole Savers to make vertical panel installations safer, faster, and easier.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit  (part # HLH-19) provides a comfortable gripping point beyond both ends of any one Sink Hole Saver™ rail or Rigid Cross-Brace bar.
California Proposition 65. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Product Name Sink Hole Saver™ Slider Manual v6
Product Guide Sink Hole Saver™ Slider Manual v6
Patent Applicable Patents
Part # SHS-SM-20
MSRP $750.00 USD, $1,050.00 CAD
Includes One rail, four 6" vacuum cups with covers
Product Dimensions Collapsed 51" x 7.5" x 4", Extended 90" x 7.5" x 4"
Product Weight 13.2 lb
Package Dimensions 72" x 8" x 8"
Shipping Weight 14 lb
Load Capacity 72 lb (31 kg) per cup; 200 lb (90 kg) per rail
Materials Aluminum, reinforced polymer, stainless steel, silicone, zinc plated steel
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