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Samurai ST-358 Wet Grinder 5"

Samurai ST-358 Wet Grinder 5"

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The Samurai ST-358 is a pneumatic grinder, made in Japan, and is the highest quality air grinder in the market today.

  • Easy Snap safety lever
  • Standard pneumatic and water fittings
  • Adjustable handle can be set to right or left handed grip
  • Easy Grip, Easy Twist on/off knob
  • 10.000 RPM
  • Reliable granite and stone cutting performance
  • Parts readily available
  • Cup wheels sold separately

Tips to increase life of the Samurai ST-358 air grinder:

  1. Use air tool oil. 1-2 drops for every 8-10 hours use.
  2. Hang the tool vertically to drain when not in use.
  3. Compressed air creates moisture. Install drain ports in the low areas of the airline to collect moisture. Use an inline drier if possible.
  4. Keep the pressure close to the PSI level rated on the tool. If PSI is 90, do not exceed 100. This will prematurely wear the internal components. Higher PSI does not increase the rpm or power of the tool.
  5. Core Drilling: Optimum speed for core drilling with a diamond core bit 1/2” diameter to 4” Diameter varies from 2,000 to 8,000 RPM. See manufacturer’s parameters for your specific tool. DO NOT USE A CORE BIT LARGER THAN 2.5” DIAMETER AND 4” IN OVERALL LENGTH WITH THE ST-358.
  6. Cutting: Optimum speed for cutting with a diamond blade 8,000-10,000 RPM. See manufacturer’s parameters for your specific tool. Never exceed 10,000 RPM.
  7. Grinding: Grinding is best done with a grinder, not a polisher. Optimum speed for griding with a 4” stone diamond cup wheel is 10,000-15,000 RPM. See manufacturer’s parameters for your specific tool. Running a cup wheel at an RPM lower than the manufacturer’s recommended parameters will cause uneven wear. The tool will become unbalanced and be unusable.
  8. DO NOT USE THE ST-358 AIR GRINDER FOR POLISHING. The RPM is too high for backer heads and polish pads.  The backer head and pads could fly off at high rpm and cause serious injury. We recommend the ST-235 air polisher for these applications.
  9. Always wear protective clothing including safety glasses, ear plugs and a N95 mask.
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